4-Issue Magazine Mini-Series

This November, RetroVision launches the first in a 4-issue miniseries devoted to the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.

Issue #1 of 4 begins with a stunning wraparound cover painting by artist Monte Michael Moore that depicts elements from both universes. From there we begin our comprehensive guide to every Star Wars short story and novel. Part one (at a length of 25,000 words) provides summaries, reviews and commentaries from many of the authors involved in furthering George Lucas’ universe. Additionally, take a trip back to the beginning as we go behind the scenes of the original Star Wars, providing comprehensive coverage of that film’s revolutionary special effects, speaking to John Dykstra and the early team from ILM; a look at its recent restoration and a behind-the-scenes exploration of "Special Edition."

Things then shift over to Gene Roddenberry’s universe as we turn our sights to Star Trek: The Next Generation, offering the most comprehensive behind-the-scenes article ever written on the feature film Star Trek: First Contact, previewing Star Trek: Insurrection, presenting a complete guide to all of the TNG novels, and a look at the creation of the series via exclusive interviews and access to production memos.

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Note: The first 300 people to order #1 will receive an 11"x17" print of the Monte Moore painted cover.

To order this special double issue, please send a check or money order for 19.95 (+ $2.50 postage) to RetroVision, 1036A Park Blvd., Suite 103, Massapequa Park, New York 11762. If you would prefer to order by credit card, please refer to the RetroVision home page.