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A preview of what's to come.....

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Just in time for the first Wiseguy DVD release is Wiseguy -- The Steelgrave Arc: An Illustrated Dossier, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first 11 hours of Wiseguy. This exclusive publication provides candid interviews and a number of comic-book like illustrations of key episodic moments. The first Wiseguy Illustrated Dossier is available for download in PDF format (password protected) for only $1.95. To order the password to open the file, please click here.  Be sure to right-click on the PDF link, and choose "save target as" or your browser may try to open it before you can save it.

  What the site is about
information on the Wiseguy novel
adaptations that will be published. They will be available for PDF download or in trade paperback format.
A preview of the first original Wiseguy novel, taking
place after events of the TV series.  it will be available for PDF download or in trade paperback format.
interviews with personnel involved with Wiseguy.
We'll probably start off with the late Ray Sharkey discussing the playing of Sonny Steelgrave.



A discussion of the upcoming Wiseguy comic books with some samples of art.

A look at the DVD releases plus a link to the Ventura Distribution Website.


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