There are a lot of genre publications out there.

That's the most striking thought while browsing through a local Barnes & Noble Superstore -- magazine after magazine featuring roughly the same cover image, offering the same "exclusive" interview connected to Hollywood's next expected blockbuster.

RetroVision, on the other hand, is devoted to the past and, as a result, we're actually not trying to compete with those other publications. Instead, we're focusing on films and television series that span, roughly, the 1960s to the day before yesterday. As such, we believe we're carving out a unique niche for ourselves that separates us from those publications and other "retro" magazines that go even further into the past. It's our intention to present more in depth coverage than anyone else, essentially providing a book's worth of material within the magazine format.

Of course we're talking about the newsstand publication, and at the moment we're online.

The purpose of the official RetroVision website is to offer a guide to each issue of the magazine, providing content overviews and excerpts from articles (just click on the cover image of the issue you want to explore). At the same time, you'll be able to access full-length articles that will not appear in the print magazine on the "RetroVision Online" page; and be kept up to date with news items, interviews and previews of upcoming issues on the "What's New" page.

Also look for our "Colossus" page, devoted to the classic science fiction feature film Colossus: The Forbin Project in which a computer takes over the world, and the novel that inspired it. Indeed, Colossus is a name that will ultimately be closely connected to RetroVision as we will be reprinting the original D.F. Jones novel this summer, and from there launch an all-new series of novels chronicling man's ongoing battle against the computer.

We'd love to hear your thoughts regarding both the magazine and this website.     editor@retrovisionmag.com