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The convention


Hi there,

I wanted to first offer a hearty 'Thanks' for posting the pix of the Con! Beautiful photos, can't wait to get my issue. :-) Second, there's an error in the list of photos~ the last photo credit says Ocean Hellman, but is actually Alexandra Vandernoot and Adrian Paul. Lastly, I'd read about a very interesting interview in the online section with Donna Lettow, but for the life of me, can only find the Con info. Was the interview perhaps bumped from the online section by the con info? And if so,will it still be in the new issue? Thanks very much,

<The picture error was fixed, thanks.  And here's the link to the interview with Donna Lettow. >



Lovely photos, but...Why no Stan Kirsch???????? Didn't your photographer make it to any of his sessions? Please tell me you have some great shots of him and are saving them for the magazine. If not, I've got some pretty good shots of him that I would love to GIVE your magazine so he can be included. Yes, that's give, gratis, no charge for their use. Please don't leave Stan out of the article because you don't have any photos of him. Some of my Stan shots can be located at If you see any you would like for your publication contact me <> and I'd be happy to send you copies.

BTW, I am not a professional photographer, just a big fan of Stan Kirsch.

<thanks, and ..., as you know we added some of Stan, and put a link to your site in our link section>

Thanks for your coverage of the Highlander Convention. I can personally attest that it was a BLAST! I was totally impressed by the cast, crew and convention staff. They did a great job! And thanks for adding that great picture of Stan!!! (I was a little worried about you guys for a while there <g>)


I saw your links page and was glad to see a fan's page linked to it. So, you have Highlander pictures, how about a really good Highlander Fanfiction link?? Hmm? Sound good? hehehe. I would love to have my Highlander Fanfic linked to your page. I figure, it doesn't hurt to ask, right? If you would like to check it out please go to:

The page is called: The Stories of Highlandlass

I have received the Premiere Issue and Issue #2 and enjoyed both immensely. When will you be accepting orders for Issue #3? Since it is not locally available, I have to order by phone.

I have just visited the retrovision web site and was most impressed. I was wondering , since I live in Australia, if the magazine can be ordered on line and paid for by credit card. Are back-issues available?

we don't have on-line ordering yet, but soon.....

"I've been hearing great things about both your magazine & web site so today I took a look. WOW!!! I love what I see. You guys have done an excellent job."

More letters to come...........