Name: Flapjack  Earth Name: Jack   Zone Restriction:       Age: 56    Height: 4’9”    Weight: 140 lbs.   Health: Medium  Armor: Weak  Speed: Medium

Bio Information: Flapjack first made his B-movie theatrical debut in 1959. Since then, he’s appeared in numerous roles as a space alien, precisely the role his was born to play. Flapjack comes from the farthest reaches of the Andromeda system, where conventional physics do not apply. It is difficult to tell which end of his is up, as each end has a pseudo-pod that can be used for walking. Experienced MIB agents can tell you that the thinner half is where Flapjack’s head is. Flapjack happens to be a big celebrity on his home planet, and he always shows off his latest movie to his adoring fans. Flapjack may have a lot of fans on Earth, but they’d never suspect that he was a real alien. Sometimes the best way to hide something is right out in the open.